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    1. dandorotik
      I wanted to personally thank you for all your posts and insights. It makes zero difference at all whether I agreed with some or not - what matters is that I benefitted from your unique and well-reasoned perspective, and for that I am thankful. All the best to you, sir- keep fighting the good fight even when it occasionally butts heads with the likes of me and my ilk. Dan Dorotik
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      2. tmacfor35
        I want to thank you as well! I feel it's important we share out post and thoughts to grow as human beings. It's important to see what the other side thinks as they have had life experiences that I couldn't even think of having! I appreciate your thoughts and hold them in higher regard sir!

        I will use your resume skills to my benefit, but not for free.
        Nov 11, 2016
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    living in Spurs country is sickening