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    3. rm365
      Another thing is that my wife is also an immigrant and I had to support her visa here. I was hoping to get your advice regarding that as well just in case things don't work out.
    4. rm365
      Thanks for the thoughtful messages u wrote me. Actually, the thread u read of mine was about a now ex-girlfriend. I have since married another woman and we have been having a rocky marriage. To make things more complicted, we had a baby about 2 months ago. That was the advice I was hoping to seek from you. I felt like I was in your position where you were the spouse trying your hardest to make things work while your wife didn't care. That really hit home for me when I read it, though things are marginally better now. I would love to email you sometime for advice.
    5. rm365
      hey man, I am going thru similar difficulties as you did. Can I contact you for advice?
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