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Dec 12, 2018 at 4:55 PM
Feb 14, 1999
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Dec 12, 2018 at 4:55 PM
    1. theimpossibles1
      Respect for liking my don't honk at me thread. We both know that a large percentage of posters know exactly where I am coming from but once the public mood of the thread turned against me, everyone was too cowardly to say how they really feel.

      Stay righteous my friend.
    2. mdrowe00
      ...I have to admit, I am loathe to put anyone on "ignore"--even though I don't respond to certain posters at all. I find that ignoring people (in any fashion) is counterproductive--out-of-site, out-of-mind--and I don't think in some instances that that is wise...but I believe you're right in this instance. Consider this "RocketsLegend" ignored. --mdrowe00
      1. JuanValdez likes this.
    3. mdrowe00
      ....something about the perfect being the enemy of the good comes to mind with some of these "counter" arguments by some of these people...and I'm not even sure anymore people know what "perfect" means in this context. --mdrowe00
    4. mdrowe00
      ...I've got a few things about this country's "War on Drugs", and how that got started "legally" I'd LOVE for you to check out if you get time...or better yet, just GOOGLE some stuff. This internet stuff does have its uses. --mdrowe00
      1. JuanValdez
        Always reading, so happy to check out anything you want to share.
        Feb 5, 2018
    5. mdrowe00
      ...sometimes, it does matter who holds a public office. Institutions are man-made constructions, and cannot be divorced, in and of themselves, from the people occupying them. The person in public office is at once facilitator, arbiter and dispensator. Callous disregard for the role of our legal institutions in some shallow demonstration of power or mandate undermines the entire concept of our democracy. --mdrowe00
    6. mdrowe00
      ...and this line of thinking tracks along with the whole "states rights" arguments proffered about the nation's reconciliation of chattel slavery. We generally don't speak of our society in terms of it being constructed or engineered to a specific purpose and/or end. You'd think we all would have at least figured out that much by now... --mdrowe00
    7. don grahamleone
      don grahamleone
      Perfect profile picture.
    8. Major Malcontent
      Major Malcontent
      It's funny but I was just watching some clip the other day where a talking head was saying our poor aren't really poor because almost all of them have refrigerators and microwaves. Sad but true.
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