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    1. malakas
      well the FO tries to do the PR little moves to raise the locals interest but not to the point that it affects their actual roster decisions. Maybe, who knows, they will trade for him but NOT for a pick that becomes unprotected. Those unprotected picks are extremely extremely high risk and no sane GM trades them esp for a player that has shown absolutely nothing so far in the NBA. But so far from what they have shown with the new owners, they don't let sentimentality to influence them.
    2. malakas
      Hi. Well the 2016 Bucks first almost certainly will be in the lottery. So it will be Dekker for 2017 top20 first..I think there is no chance anyone trades for dekker with a pick that becomes unprotected (they are extremely risky and only traded for blockbuster trades). But for a 2017 lets say no. 18-20 pick maybe. Though not likely. They could have drafted him if they wanted but they werent interested.
    3. tomato
      don't be jealous
    4. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Welcome to the Clutch Community.
    5. BimaThug
      Nope. Just barely too big.
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