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  1. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 Carl Herrera
    ...the candidness on display from Hillary Clinton now is what may have been enough to get her elected. She has always, in political terms, been more-or-less-manufactured...and genuine humanity from her (in most any setting) seemed to be an afterthought. What Mrs. Clinton needed to show more people was that she was a person. Might not have been enough...but it would have damn sure helped. --mdrowe00
  2. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 JayGoogle
    ...Tamir Rice, all of 12 years old, made the mistake of playing with a toy gun in a Cleveland Ohio park...and paid for it with his life. And people on this board found ample reason to blame him and not the policeman who shot him dead within 10 seconds of arriving on the scene. What a tightrope black people have to walk. --mdrowe00
    1. JayGoogle
      There was also Brock Turner, who raped a girl but didn't get a harder sentence because of his potential 'future'. Lots of people don't seem to be too concerned about the potential future of kids like Tamir Rice
      Sep 14, 2017 at 2:45 PM
  3. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 Invisible Fan
    I read this article in its entirety on "The Atlantic”…Ta'Neshi Coates is a mesmerizing writer. And his general sentiment is the one that most black people have in this country. It's why white people can casually dismiss "white supremacy" while agreeing with the advantages it has brought them in our society. Sometimes, black people have a hard time figuring out who their white friends are. --mdrowe00
  4. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 dobro1229
    ..exactly. Black people, for instance, don't always want to have to deal with nationalists, for example...but pretending they don't exist or talking about how small their numbers may be just serves, as we've seen, to embolden them. There's never a good or convenient time to stand up to things that are wrong...except at the moment they reveal themselves. --mdrowe00.
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  5. LosPollosHermanos
    LosPollosHermanos RocketsLegend
    Did I make you cry?
  6. finalsbound
    finalsbound Rocketman95
    miss you!!! hope the fam is doing well :-)
    1. Rocketman95
      Likewise! Let's catch a game this year!
      Sep 7, 2017
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    2. finalsbound
      Sep 7, 2017
  7. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 GladiatoRowdy
    ...amazing at how consistent this person is with their preconceived stupidity. I get it now (even though you've said it before). This has to be the best fun EVER! --mdrowe00
  8. Isabel
    Hope everyone is OK. Thinking of you all.
  9. Bobsputin
    Changed Pic to show support for people effected by Harvey.
  10. rocketsjudoka
    rocketsjudoka geeimsobored
    Email me at and can fill you in on what I'm working on to help Houston.
  11. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 val_modus
    Facts that are presented outside of the context within which they are gleaned are most often times sophisticated lies. Gotten to be kind of a thing in this social media driven, everybody's-a-reporter know-it-all-know-nothing society of ours. --mdrowe00
  12. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 MadMax
    ...well, as long as we still have elections, we'll have our chances. Time to get serious about voting at state and local levels. The Federal Government is a reflection of state governments. --mdrowe00
  13. RestHarden
    A beard will make you more tired. But I think you already know that.
  14. Pen15clubber
    Pen15clubber DrexlerFan
    Bones sucks and you suk bones
  15. J_Hunter_1977
    Not shaving till we get Melo.
  16. Wommy
    #32 Enjoy the little things
  17. J_Hunter_1977
    Sharing rockets knowledge at an uncanny rate.
  18. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 HillBoy
    Negroes should know by now....there is no state of mind before there is state of being.
  19. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 FranchiseBlade
    ...the largest problem with all this is, again, the ties that Trump and his admin have with Russia are financial, and because we have effectively legitimized capital as a governing principal, all that may actually happen is that "Citizens United" might have to be removed. Might even be the reason why Trump didn't divest his business holdings. Not at his own direction of course. --mdrowe00
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  20. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 Deckard
    Relics are not monuments, and our disappointing inability to understand that has inevitably enabled someone like Donald Trump...and may well cast those who align themselves with him for whatever reason in the most abhorrent of lights. I guess it really is "...death before dishonor.."... --mdrowe00
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